Open Sky Museum

The open sky museum of Valparaiso is made from 20 painted walls on the base of the Bellavista Hill. Opened in 1992, to it famous artists contributed, some of them of global recognition like Robertto Matta or Mario Carreño.

La Sebastiana

La Sebastiana it's one of the three houses that were property of the chilean poet Pablo Neruda. It's beautiful construction and it's marvelous view of the port bay stand out. Like the other two, it has become a museum administrated by the Neruda Fundation.

More information in its web page.

Organologic Museum

The only cihlean organologic museum it's situatetd on Valparaiso and doesn't belong to any institution, but to Fernando Ramirez Escare, an arquitect that since more than 4 decades ago has been recolecting, investing and repairing musical instruments. He owns more than a thousand and on a house on the Bellavista Hill he exhibitts, tell stories about them and plays with them with his group, Auhra.

More information in its Facebook Page.